Exchange Server 2010 Databases no longer belong to the Server object

Microsoft has been made change the information store manageability from server to Organization level of Exchange 2010. In exchange 2010 Database no longer connected to Server object and its now belong to Organization configuration node in the Exchange management console. Also you can see the Database information location has been changed under CN=Databases in the ADSI (Active directory Services interface). See below Screenshots.

See figure 1.Please see under the InformationStore and notice there is listed databases of Exchange 2007.

Configuration\CN=Configuration,DC=msglab,DC=local\CN=Services \CN=Microsoft Exchange\CN=First Organization\CN=Administrative Groups\CN=Exchange Administrative Group\CN=Servers\CN=Ex2007\CN=Information Store\CN=First Storage Group


Figure1 Exchange 2007 Database information appears under server object.

See figure 2, please see under the information store object and note there is no Exchange 2010 database information in the detail pane.

Configuration\CN=Configuration,DC= msglab,DC=local\CN=Services\CN=Microsoft Exchange\CN=FirstOrganization\CN=AdministrativeGroups\CN=ExchangeAdministrative Group\CN=Servers\CN=Ex2010\CN=Information Store


Figure 2.

See figure 3.Please see under the databases object and notice there is listed Database information of exchange 2010.

Configuration\CN=Configuration,DC=msglab,DC=local\Services\CN=Microsoft Exchange\CN=First Organization\CN=Administrative Groups\CN=Exchange Administrative Group\CN=Databases


Figure 3

Also look at below Exchange management Console and note the Database configuration listed under the organization configuration.



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