Exchange 2010 E-mail Moderation

ninjastar1 Microsoft have introduced new feature called Email-Moderation with exchange server 2010  immigration additionally delivery restriction came with exchange 2007.

Using Moderated Transport feature in Exchange 2010 administrator have capability to push emails for moderated approval process if the destination moderated user. You would be able to configure email moderation for any type of recipient type.

Components of Moderated Transport

  • Categorizer – Categorizer is responsible to initiate approval process.
  • Store Driver – The store driver process the email messages that categorizer  marks for approval process.
  • Information Assistant – The information Assistant monitors the Arbitration mailbox and its resubmit if any messages approved or delete any rejected messages.
  • Arbitration Mailbox – The Arbitration Mailbox store all email messages for approval process.

Configure a Moderated Recipient

Using Exchange Management Console

Required permission to configuration Moderated Recipient.

  • Organization Management
  • Recipient Management
  • My Distribution Groups 


    Administrator wants to enable Moderation for “Company Users” distribution group and nominate Mike and Vonod as Moderators, then notify only internal senders if users messages were rejected, not for the external recipients.

    1. In the EMC console tree, click Recipient Configuration then click distribution group. See figure 1


    Figure 1

    2. Click the Company Users distribution group in the result pane and select properties .Then select Mail Flow Settings tab. See figure 2


    Figure 2

    3. Select Message Moderation and click properties. See figure 3


    Figure 3

    4. Select the Messages sent to this group have to be approved by a moderator check box.then click add to add Moderated Recipients and select Mike and Vinod.then click ok. See figure 4


    Figure 4

    5.Click the Notify senders in your organization only when their message is not approved option.Then click OK twice. See figure 5.


    Figure 5

    Test E-mail moderation.

    OK E-mail moderation configuration part is done. Now we want to test email Moderation is working or not.

    Send email to Company Users distribution group. Immediately appeared mail tip and it was mentioned Company Users distribution group is Moderated and it might reject or delayed. See figure 6.


    Figure 6

    Check Mikes mailbox to see whether email has come for approval. See figure 7


    Figure 7

    If moderator rejected the email, Users will receive delivery failure notification as shown below. See figure 8


    Figure 8

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